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Ireland Pre-ramble

I’m back. Most people already know about my miles run to Dublin. Miles run, as in a lower cost, higher miles trip to boost my frequent flyer miles level so I can continue to upgrade to first or business for virtually nothing. Its what my NYC friends call a Upper East Side problem.

With 4 days on the ground I did not have much time to sample even Dublin, which was the only destination on the roster. But, I did learn that I will go back. Coastal and pastoral scenery, art, beer, whiskey, seafood, beef, architecture – all exceptional. But the real attraction here is the Dubliners themselves; warm, fun-loving, slightly sarcastic and self-effacing people who can talk all night about anything. Everywhere I went the Dubliners would want to know what I was doing and if I was enjoying my time. They would suggest off-the-path sights, even to the point of walking me to them and introducing me to the sight coordinators. They are direct, if not blunt, but it is not intended to offend, rather to communicate effectively; social engineering is pivotal to Dublin life. The Irish sense of nationalism is the strongest I’ve ever witnessed in Europe, if not anywhere.

More to come on Dublin over the next week.