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Bar Harbor, Maine

I liked Bar Harbor, it had exceptional coastal scenery, a compact, quaint ‘downtown’ with a density of local crafts and eateries and its an ideal base from which you can explore other areas on Mount Desert Island.¬† The only negative was the regular cruise ships calling Bar Harbor a port of call. The ships’ water-hogging size destroy the coastal view and the regular herd of cruise tourists make the traffic and noise in an otherwise sedate town seem anachronistic.

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Curiosity about Lobster Mac & Cheese got the better of me in Bar Harbor and any number of places proudly serve their versions. Side Street Cafe serves both full and half portions. I opted for the half with a side salad. I could only finish half of the half portion and was left wondering how any mere mortal could consume a whole portion in one sitting. The ultimate in richness, making Alfredo seems like dainty carrot sticks with no dipping sauce, it was macaroni tossed in a 4-cheese sauce, topped with butter-poached lobster. Of course it was good!

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Dinner: 10 Oct 2013

Side Street Cafe | 49 Rodick | Bar Harbor ME 04609