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Camden, Maine

Camden has incredible architecture and scenery. If you’re looking for a walkable city with 200 year old homes better preserved than most, then Camden is a destination. A native walking his dog gave me a mini tour of his historic neighbourhood, explaining that the small oval plaques on the front of the homes weren’t street numbers, they were the years the homes were built. I’m glad he cleared that up, it thought it odd so many homes had the same address and they weren’t numbered sequentially.

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After a day hiatus from seafood, I was ready to dive in again; this time I was curious about fish chowder. The restaurant I had bookmarked had a 45 minute wait thanks to a cruise ship dumping its human contents all over the marina, so I walked further down the marina to Fresh. Glad about that.

Camden21 Camden20

The fish chowder was excellent; slightly creamy and savory with chunky potatoes and almost whole fillets of Haddock. I was also curious about the localvore salad of roasted butternut squash, blue cheese, micro kale and balsamic drizzle. Flavors were good but the warmth from the squash melted the blue cheese and made it gloppy which was definitely not a good texture play.

Dinner: 8 Oct 2013

Fresh | 1 Bay View Landing | Camden ME 04843