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Mount Desert Island, Maine

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are part of Mount Desert Island but there is much more to see in this region. Luckily I had a long conversation with a Bar Harbor resident while on a trek about the coast and he recommended other areas such as Seal Bay and Southwest Harbor. I enjoyed both completely and will spend more time exploring them and the surrounding areas on the next trip to Mount Desert Island.


Acadia National Park, Maine

Pointless government shenanigans caused park closures around the country however it did not have any impact on enjoying Acadia National Park. People uniformly ignored the closure signs, park rangers still on duty kindly informed people that the park was closed then went about their business. It’s way too expensive to enforce a closure when there are so many points of access, particularly when people aren’t being paid.

Good thing too, Acadia is a definite stop for naturists and trekkers visiting Mount Desert Island near Bar Harbor. There is a low-impact, 6-mile circuit about Eagle Lake and its only 1 mile from Bar Harbor proper.

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