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Ogunquit, Maine

After a 1-2 stop in Cape Neddick I made my way up to the village of Ogunquit. I was interested in Ogunquit only to see the scenery from Marginal Way, a mile walk around the coast which is always highly publicized in Maine travel references. While in Cape Neddick a fellow tourist mentioned that I should definitely try the Lobster Roll at Barnacle Billy’s in Ogunquit since I would be in the neighbourhood.

I’m sure Marginal Way is spectacular when the sun is out, but the rain and low clouds added a sense of mystery.

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I took the advise of my fellow tourist about Barnacle Billy’s. Glad about that. In Maine there are restaurants and there are lobster pounds, the later being bare-bones establishments serving lobster on a plate and not much else. Billy’s is in-between; order at the counter, table delivery. What’s important to note is the Lobster Roll here is excellent. Whats a lobster roll? Take the meat from a whole lobster, toss in a small amount of mayo and spices, serve in toasted bread. Must be accompanied by chips and pickles; I’m fairly certain this is a state mandate. They cost  $18-20 everywhere and I suggest you have as many as possible while in Maine.

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Lunch: 6 Oct 2013

Barnacle Billy’s | 70 Perkins Cove Rd | Ogunquit ME 03907