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NZ | Kepler Track

The Kepler Track is a 60km hiking trail starting near the South Island city of Te Anau. There is some amazing scenery on this track, most of which you will immediately classify as Lord of the Rings. No doubt Peter Jackson issued some flyovers of the region but he did not set up camp in the region due to the preservation restrictions.

If you’re thinking about doing this track please keep in mind that while it is billed as a ‘moderately difficult’ hike, that is moderate in New Zealand terms. The first 5km is relatively easy and flat, but then you get a solid 4-5 hours of 10-30% grade switchback ascent. Moderate my ass!

Oddly and unfortunately, there was a summer snow storm the night we landed at the first hut, Luxmore. Its was great fun hiking through the start of the storm, snow being a novelty for me, however the next day the 10k hike across the top was not possible. I went down the mountain then around the other side to pick up the last third of the track. Hopefully, next time I do Kepler the weather will cooperate!

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NZ | Te Anau

If you want to see New Zealand and don’t have a month off to do so, I’d recommend starting with the South Island and specifically the city of Te Anau. Its the smallest of the New Zealand cities I visited but it packs a whallop both in scenery and quick access to other sights unique to the region: Kepler Track, Roteburn Track and Fiordland region for tours of Doubtful and Milford Sounds.

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