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Galveston’s Opera House

I poke fun at Texans for a variety of reasons. Its OK though, they poke back and in the end, they DSCN2285know who they are and they aren’t afraid of a little criticism, particularly since verbal sparring in Texas is more a form of entertainment.

Like all mature people, we acknowledge the positives and negatives in our philosophies. One thing I like about Texans is the connection they feel to their history; they go to great lengths to preserve that history. Case in point, the Galveston Opera House, built in the late 1800’s, severely damaged 3 times by some of the state’s worst hurricanes, neglected for decades due to regional economic fallout,¬† but rebuilt by the donations of Texans who refused to let it decay. Good on them.

While the architecture is nice and the physical preservation is admirable, that the opera house is still standing and in operation says something noteworthy about the people.

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