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Grace Cathedral

I took niece on a quick spin about Chinatown. Quick because we were actually quite bored with the area. Plus we were annoyed with having dim sum flyers jammed in our faces at every corner – ‘Chinese dim sum, yummy, you like’. I was under the impression this type of ghetto advertising stopped working in 1985. Maybe I was wrong?

Hooking westbound on California St, I drug niece up, up, up to the Top of the Mark. She complained about the ascent, understandably. While at the top we wandered through Grace Cathedral, which also never appealed when I lived in the city. Its a beautiful church on its own, however it had been enhanced by a textile installation.

Aunt in Austin, a wicked textile artist herself, was so kind to text me info on the artist, Anne Patterson. The installation is coming down early May in case you want to pop by.

Grace15 Grace16
Grace7 Grace10