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NZ | Christchurch

In the battle of man vs. nature, Christchurch is a an example of nature winning the first round with man adjusting. The 2011 earthquake here destroyed about 80% of the city’s structures. Five years on you can still get a sense of the scale of destruction, however kudos to Christchurch for their ongoing rebuilding efforts; cranes are everywhere and new buildings continue to pop up out of the rubble. I was surprised to see the changes from 2 years ago; many more new buildings and much more street art on those building they have not yet demolished.

B-Christ-6-LOW B-Christ-42-LOW
B-Christ-39-LOW B-Christ-76-LOW

UL: 2011 Earthquake Memorial; 185 White chairs
UR, LL: Christchurch Cathedral
LR: New art project

B-Christ-62-LOW B-Christ-68-LOW
B-Christ-80-LOW B-Christ-50-LOW
B-Christ-71-LOW B-Christ-27-LOW

UL: New Regent St
UR, Caffeine Laboratory; coffee and breakfast
Center, Lower: Street art

Dublin : Christchurch Cathedral

Like Trinity College, Christchurch Cathedral is another Dublin landmark central to most paths through the city centre. I discovered it on a westward trek from Dublin Castle; it was a good 2 hour stop. There was a God thing going on whilst surveying, so out of respect I did not photograph the inside, but I recommend a pass through.

The seat of The Church of Ireland, Christchurch was originated in the 11th century but what you see today is the result of heavy renovations in the early 19th century and some follow-up renovation in the 20th century.

DublinChristChurch DublinChristChurch2
DublinChristChurch20 DublinChristChurch15