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Dublin : Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle held various roles since it’s creation in the 12th century. It was the seat of British rule for quite some time so I get the sense there are mixed feelings about the site from the Irish perspective. But now its basically an Irish government complex and tourist attraction. The interior is well-preserved and decorated in various period pieces,  however it can be crowded and almost impossible to photograph.

Whilst touring the complex there were several Christmas activities in progress, which seemed premature, given it was Thanksgiving weekend, however it did add a bit of color to the otherwise gray outdoors.

DublinCastle10 DublinCastle13

If you are in the Dublin Castle area, ’round back there is an interesting museum, the Chester Beatty Library, which will appeal to history, art and manuscript buffs. Don’t miss a walk about the Garda Memorial Gardens directly across from the Beatty, it is a tribute to past members of the Garda (police).

DublinCastle3 DublinBeatty

Directly across from the Dublin Castle is a NYC-small tart shoppe – Queen Of Tarts. It has a very simple menu – savory tarts and dessert tarts, a few of each. I wedged into a small table and enjoyed a bacon-leek tart (quiche) while watching the density of wool-clad souls hustle down Dame St. Service here was personable but the hectic and cramped space may not appeal to everyone. The tart was incredible; dense, filling, bacon dominated the flavours but the leek, Gruyere and potato refused to be ignored. Side salad was a nice touch as was the apricot chutney. Considering its one of the few meals I had in Dublin under 10 Euros, it was also one of the more memorable.

QueenOfTarts2 QueenOfTarts1

Lunch: 30 Nov 2013

Queen Of Tarts | Cows Lane, Dame St | Dublin 2