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Dublin : Guinness Storehouse

No trip to Dublin is complete without a stop at Guinness Storehouse. I doesn’t matter if you like Guinness or not, the complex itself is interesting and the well-constructed exhibits explaining every last detail of the Guinness making method are fascinating. The views atop the complex are noteworthy and for those who do drink Guinness, a complimentary pint awaits as long as you don’t lose your ticket. Food Courts here are fair to good and the obvious recommendation is to try the Beef & Guinness stew. A pint of Guinness to pair is obligatory.

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Advice on transport, walk the Liffey to Watling St. then head south to Thomas St., then west until you see the Storehouse signs, which will be to the south. I did not follow my own advice and arrived in the Portobello neighbourhood, way off course. In Dublin terms this is a ‘bad area’ but honestly I did not find it any worse than Hell’s Kitchen. In case you’re looking for falafel, Portobello has density of mid-east shoppes and I did get to use my Arabic to get directions out. Its always fun to surprise a Sryian guy with my knowledge of Arabic, however limited.

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