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I was going to write separate posts about The Wari Exhibit at the Kimbell Museum and Ellerbe’s Fine Foods, both very enjoyable parts of my weekend, but  instead just a brief bit about both, then on to an observation I found interesting.

The Wari Exhibit at the Kimbell Museum is well-done both in content and presentation, the later more an artifact of the Kimbell’s incredible design considerations. The Wari were a Peruvian culture pre-dating the Incans. In fact, most speculate that the Incans derived a substantial portion of their customs from the Wari. The Wari did not have a written language nor a consistent symbology yet they recorded details using colored threads which were assembled in disturbingly elaborate patterns. Also, the textile based tunics they wove – by hand – look painted; a precise and detailed craftsmanship that boggles the mind, considering their reign was 600-900 AD. Alas, no photos were allowed so you’ll just have to see for yourself before the exhibit leaves 8 Sept.

After the Wari Exhibit there was a birthday dinner. Ellerbe’s Fine Food was the venue we selected for an in absentia birthday dinner for our friend, The Italian. Highly favourable ratings with some exceptions. Personally, I was a fan across the board – comfortable in-house atmosphere, decent prices, excellent service,   innovative and high-quality dishes without being complicated or pretentious.

Now, onto my observation. In the past month I’ve had numerous conversations about my intent for blogging. Most people don’t ask the simple question – Why? – they just make assumptions based on their perspective of the world. In one day I heard so many different perspectives on why I blog that it made me laugh out loud, mostly because they were all wrong. Absurdly so.

And now the weave in. At Ellerbe’s there were 6 people and I appreciated the group symmetry – 2 couples, 2 singles, 3 men, 3 women, 2 right-brain thinkers, 2 left-brain thinkers, 2 center-brain thinkers – the couples were both composed of one right and one left-brain thinker. Its unfair to lump cognitive abilities into left, right and center brain granularity, world being shades of gray and all, but its generally true. Left brain thinkers process objective information and make decisions on such, right brain thinkers process subjective information and make decisions on such. Center brain thinkers are more difficult to understand since they context switch between left and right brain modes or create hybrid models, whatever they think will work the best situationally.

I’m center brain and true to form, it was the other center-brain thinker at Ellerbe’s who pegged my blogging intent without much effort. Its a database, a resource, a place, given my rather frightening inability to imprint minutiae to long term memory, to recall details.

In other words, an objective mechanism to extract the subjective.