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San Antonio | Mano Factura

I was early to a family event in downtown San Antonio and luckily this outdoor exhibit was just across the street. It was the mosaic mirror covered piece that first caught my eye but I was too far away to make out form. Moving closer they looked like bunnies with standup ears. Closer still, peace signs atop some innocuous body. Standing directly in front of them, very detailed works of art.

These were created by artists in San Antonio’s sister city – Monterrey, Mexico as part of an ongoing cultural exchange between the two. Part message of peace connoted by form, however there are also other themes in the detail, like Dia De Los Muertos.

Definitely worth popping by Travis Park, should you be in downtown San Antonio before they leave on 5 March.

PeaceBunny-3-LRES PeaceBunny-10-LRES
PeaceBunny-15-LRES PeaceBunny-18-LRES
PeaceBunny-22-LRES PeaceBunny-13-LRES
PeaceBunny-12-LRES PeaceBunny-7-LRES
PeaceBunny-2-LRES PeaceBunny-1-LRES