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NZ | Christchurch

In the battle of man vs. nature, Christchurch is a an example of nature winning the first round with man adjusting. The 2011 earthquake here destroyed about 80% of the city’s structures. Five years on you can still get a sense of the scale of destruction, however kudos to Christchurch for their ongoing rebuilding efforts; cranes are everywhere and new buildings continue to pop up out of the rubble. I was surprised to see the changes from 2 years ago; many more new buildings and much more street art on those building they have not yet demolished.

B-Christ-6-LOW B-Christ-42-LOW
B-Christ-39-LOW B-Christ-76-LOW

UL: 2011 Earthquake Memorial; 185 White chairs
UR, LL: Christchurch Cathedral
LR: New art project

B-Christ-62-LOW B-Christ-68-LOW
B-Christ-80-LOW B-Christ-50-LOW
B-Christ-71-LOW B-Christ-27-LOW

UL: New Regent St
UR, Caffeine Laboratory; coffee and breakfast
Center, Lower: Street art