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Santa Barbara | County Courthouse

A County Courthouse sounds like a dull, if not depressing sight to see but it was one of the highest ranked sights on Trip Advisor. After sampling a few of the tourist photos, I decided to give it a drive by after lunch. Very glad about that, since it is one of the more architecturally interesting buildings in Santa Barbara. The 360 views from the bell tower lookout spanning hills to ocean are a bonus.

If you decide to pop by here and you’re interested in photography, definitely allow at least two hours and try to catch it in the mid morning hours.

SB-Courthouse27_LRes SB-Courthouse3_LRes
SB-Courthouse5_LRes SB-Courthouse17_LRes
SB-Courthouse23_LRes SB-Courthouse15_LRes
SB-CityView20_LRes SB-CityView8_LRes