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Oz | Sydney, Opera House

Its definitely an impressive visual anchor for the Sydney skyline. But when you get up close, particularly inside, it is even more impressive. Previous trips to Sydney I was all over the outside and inside with my camera but his time I wanted to get the perspective from angles further away. The distance shots are from 1) Midway across Sydney Harbour Bridge 2) Aboard a ferry to Manly Beach 3) A place in the Royal Botanic Gardens known as Mrs. Macquire’s Chair. These are all destinations in their own right, bonus that they offer interesting views of the Opera House.

You can read all about the drama surrounding the construction of the structure on the internet. You may already know the original architect quit after a row with some City Planning droids over insufficient payments.¬† How the Opera House how was built in the midst of the controversy is interesting. That’s a historical footnote however, whats more important is being there in person; a tactile experience beats everything else, including the following media, which do not do the iconic structure justice.

More about Sydney to come!

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