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The Cosmopolitans

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You’ve met people like this before. The people who convince themselves they’re good actors but aren’t. The one’s who think they can influence your decision making with their poorly constructed scenarios and sad attempts at social engineering. Misguided, clumsy foreshadowing intended to set you up for something you figured out in primary school and disregarded. The slow lane people who wind up making policies the rest of us politely ignore.

Yeah, those people. We listen but typically we quietly move these people into the liability column, delete them then move on.

Unfortunately, The Cosmopolitans, was like watching 26 minutes of those people. Not one character or back story was believable. The writing was stale and meaningless. I don’t really fault the writers, more the creator, since really, what could a group of lackluster Euro-trash and American ex-pats wandering through Paris have to say that anyone wants to hear? The writers were probably trying to be clever but it came across as pompous and forgettable.

Directing was not cohesive. Situations that might have been wryly funny were poorly timed and lacking any sort of emotional quality that might have retained an audience’s interest. Maybe they were going for understated intellectualism but it came across as a stream of expressionless Instagram photos with comments I will never read.

Cinematography was good, weaving street scenes of a clean and congestion-free Paris between the mumblings of the sullen, rudderless characters . Unfortunately Paris is neither clean nor congestion-free so that bit of good camera work created an alternate Paris no one will  likely see in person.

I hope this pilot doesn’t turn into a series, but if it does, that’s OK since I will never know.