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Hawaii | Pu’uhonua O Hōnaunau

The Pu’uhonua is a National Park just south of Kona. Today it is an interesting stop on a tour of the south end of the  Big Island.  In old Hawaii it was a place of refuge. Not just a retreat but the only place you could go to escape death if  you broke one of the many laws of the era. Creepy wooden statues and beautiful coastal scenery are notable.

Once you pass through the typical sights, there are a couple of places you can climb and rock hop out your way out into the water away from shore. I recommend if you have the right shoes – grippy and water resistant. There is a pleasant but eerie feeling about the place as you climb the lava rocks jutting out from the shore looking back on the contrasting black, white and green colours of the park. Not to mention the aquamarine water that looks fake even when your grippy water-resistant shoes fail to keep you from falling into it. Not that I would know that personally. Nope.

Allow about an hour to see the park, more if you do the rock climb away from shore. Even more to let your water resistant shoes dry out.

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