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Oz | Sydney

This is a record for me; only 2 weeks and I have my 1264 pictures from this visit to Australia and New Zealand downloaded and all sorted. I’m apparently becoming more particular about what shots I will take, last time I was on holiday for 24 days I had 5000+ pictures.

This makes my third trip to Sydney. I strongly suspect there are other cities in Australia but I rather like Sydney for its cultural richness, fast-paced lifestyle, postcard beauty and some of the most friendly, straight-forward people around. In 2017 when I return to Australia, I’ll likely visit Melbourne. But until then here are some highlights from Sydney.

More about Sydney in coming days.

B-Skyline-Syd-82_Fotor-LOW B-Skyline-Syd-73_Fotor-LOW
B-Sydney-City-7_Fotor-LOW B-Sydney-City-10_Fotor-LOW

UL | From Manly Beach
UR | From the ferry to Sydney returning from Manly Beach
LL  | Zoom from Sydney Harbour Bridge
LR  |Zoom from Darling Harbour

B-Sydney-City-6-LOW B-Sydney-City-13-LOW
B-Sydney-City-11-LOW B-Sydney-City-9-LOW

UL | Sydney Harbour Bridge
UR | St. Mary’s Cathedral
LL  | ANZAC War Memorial
LR  | Climbing Station, Darling Harbour

B-Sydney-City-14-LOW B-Syd-5-LOW
B-Nature-Syd-58 B-Syd-Nature-49-LOW

UL | St. Mary’s Cathedral
UR | Sydney Hospital
Lower |Wildlife, Wooloomooloo